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    可口可樂公司(TCCC 產品)制造商行為準則
    Workplace Practice生產場所活動
    At TCCC, we support fair employment practices in our relationship with our employees consistent with a commitment to human rights in our workplace, and we seek to provide a safe environment in which to work.  We abide by all applicable labor laws addressing working hours, compensation, employees’ rights to choose whether to be represented by third parties and to bargain collectively, working conditions, and other such workplace practices.  We seek to create a workplace where individuals are treated with dignity, fairness and respect.  We recognize value, respect and celebrate the cultural differences and diversity of background and thought of our employees.
    在TCCC, 我們支持同我們的員工建立一種公平的雇雇傭關系, 使得我們的員工享受到與我們與工作環境相關的人權所作的承諾相一致的人權. 同時, 我們致力于為他們提供一個安全的工作環境. 我們遵從于所有適用的, 且與工作時間, 報酬, 員工是否選擇第三方為代表來進行勞資談判, 工作條件, 以及其它所有與工作環境.相關的方面. 我們也致力于創建一種保護員工尊嚴, 尊重員工, 公平對待員工的工作環境. 我們認同員工的不同價值觀, 尊重并崇尚不同的文化背景的差異性及員工信仰的多樣性.  
    We expect our Merchandise Manufacturers to follow applicable laws, and similar standards and principles in the countries in which they operate. TCCC’s Code defines requirements concerning working conditions that must be met by the Merchandise Manufacturers in the production of merchandise bearing any of our trademarks.
    我們期望產品制造商遵守其經營所在的國家的相關法律法規和行業標準及準則. 同時, 所有生產帶有TCCC 商標產品的產品制造商必須符合TCCC 行為準則中所定義的與工作條件相關的要求. 
    Work Environment 工作環境
    We expect our Merchandise Manufacturers to judge their employees and contractors based upon their ability to do their jobs and not upon their physical and /or personal characteristics or beliefs, affirming the principle of no unlawful discrimination based on race, color, gender, religion, national origin or sexual orientation.
    我們期望產品制造商以工作能力而不是以身體或個人特征, 或信仰作為評判其雇員工作的標準, 進而確立一種無非法歧視的原則. 這種原則應該是反對任何基于種族, 膚色, 性別, 宗教信仰, 國籍, 或性取向等方面的歧視.  
    Health and Safety 安全衛生
    All Merchandise Manufacturers must provide a safe and healthy working environment to minimize the risk of accidents, injury, and exposure to health risks.  Merchandise Manufacturers must ensure that workers have access to portable clean drinking water, clean sanitary facilities, adequate lighting and ventilation in the working area and an adequate number of fire extinguishers and fire exists.  Merchandise Manufactures must also ensure the same standards apply to worker housing facilities and canteens.  The manufacturer shall implement training designed to reduce injuries and promote safe working conditions.
    風險中的機會最小.產品制造商應確保在生產區域工人能喝道清潔的飲用水, 有潔凈的衛生設施, 足夠的照明, 通風條件, 同時應有足夠的逃生出口和滅火器. 在飯堂,宿舍區也達到同樣的標準. 產品制造商須提供培訓以推進生產安全狀況并減少工傷事故.
    Child Labor 童工
    We expect our Merchandise Manufacturers to not employ anyone under the legal working age as defined by local law.  The term “child” refers to any person aged 15 years or younger, or if a country’s local law mandates a higher minimum working age than 15 years, a child of that purposes of that country means any person who is younger than the higher legal minimum working age.  If the local law mandates a higher working age than 15, then the higher age would apply.  Official documentation for every worker’s date of birth must be maintained.
    我們要求我司的產品制造商不雇傭任何低于其所在國家規定的最低工作年齡的工人.童工是指任何低于15歲或更低年齡的工人(如果當地國家和地區規定法定的工作年齡低于15歲的話) . 如果當地國家和地區規定法定的工作年齡嚴于15歲, 我們要求按其中嚴的標準執行. 必須保存每位工人的與年齡和出生年月相關的官方文件資料.
    Forced Labor 強迫勞工
    We expect our Merchandise Manufacturers to not use forced or involuntary labor in which a worker does not voluntarily offer himself or herself.  This includes all manner of involuntary work such as bonded, prison and indentured.
    我們要求產品制造商不使用強迫勞工和非自愿勞工, 包括所有非自愿工作行為如契約工,囚工, 奴役工. 
    Wages and benefits 工資和福利
    We expect our Merchandise Manufacturers to compensate their employees fairly and competitively relative to their industry in full compliance with applicable local and national wage and hour laws and to offer opportunities for employees to develop their skills and capabilities.   This includes applicable laws regarding minimum wage, overtime, hourly or by piece rate.  The Merchandise Manufacturer shall provide legally mandated benefits as stated in the local or national law.  
    我們要求產品制造商在行業的競爭中公平支付他們雇員的薪酬, 并必須和當地與工資/工時相關的法律法規完全相符, 從而提供平等的機會以發揮/發展員工的技能. 產品制造商必須提供當地法定要求的各種福利.
    Working hours 工作時間
    The Merchandise Manufacturers shall not require workers to work more than 48 hours per week and 12 hours overtime or 60 hours per week.  The requirement also includes any established working hours regulations set forth by local or national law.  In addition, manufacturer must guarantee that workers will receive at least one day off in every seven-day period.  
                產品制造商不能要求工人正常工作超過48小時/周, 加班超12小時/周或總工時超60小時/周. 同時還包括當地法律法規所設定的工時要求. 另外, 產品制造商必須保證工人每7天至少休息1天.
    Collective Bargaining 勞資談判
    In the event employees have lawfully chosen to be represented by third parties, we expect our Merchandise Manufacturers to bargain in good faith and not to retaliate against employees for their lawful participation in labor organization.
    在任何事件中雇員都有依照法律選擇第三方以替代他們和產品制造商協商談判的權利. 我們期望產品制造商按承諾協商談判, 同時保證雇員不會因他們依法參與勞工組織而受到報復.
    Environmental practices 環境保護
    We expect our Merchandise Manufactures to conduct business in ways that protect and preserve the environment.  At a minimum, we expect our suppliers to meet applicable environmental laws, rules and regulations in their operations in the countries in which they do business.   Apply to all Merchandise Manufacturers including all subcontractors/sub-manufacturers utilizing our trademarks.  TCCC’s Code applies to all subcontractors/ sub-manufacturers at all tiers of the relationship (e.g. sub of sub or sub of sub) utilizing our trademarks.  These subcontractors/ sub-manufacturers at all tiers are collectively deemed to be Merchandise Manufacturers.
    我們期望產品制造商以環保的方式進行業務經營. 至少我們期望我們的供應商能遵守當地相關的環保法律法規要求. 產品制造商包括使用我們的商標的分包商/分包廠. TCCC的行為準則適用于所有使用我們的商標的處于不同層次關系的分包商/分包廠(如分包的分包間). 所有這些處于不同層次關系的分包商/分包廠統稱產品制造商
    Monitoring Compliance and Authorization監督與權限
    Merchandise Manufacturers shall designate one or more of its management to monitor factory compliance with standards set forth herein.  Merchandise Manufactures shall use one of TCCC approved firms that specializes in social compliance.  Each Merchandise Manufacturer must conduct such compliance monitoring on an annual basis and must submit such verification of compliance to TCCC.  Merchandise Manufacturers will authorize TCCC designated agents to engage in factory audits to confirm compliance.  These visits will include unannounced on-site inspections of manufacturing facilities; a review of all employee related books; and private interviews with employees.  Any Merchandise Manufacturer who does not comply with TCCC’s Code standards or refuses to allow inspection is subject to immediate termination by TCCC.  In order to be authorized to use our trademarks each Merchandise Manufacturer must provide TCCC with a copy of a passing social compliance inspection within one year of the date of initial authorization.  This must be provided annually from the date of the passing inspection used for the authorization.  TCCC must have the right to verify the copy with the inspecting company. 
                產品制造商應指定一名或多名管理層成員監督工廠與在這里所設定的標準的符合性. 產品制造商應請用TCCC認可的社會責任方面的機構. 產品制造商應以年審為基礎進行社會責任方面的審核并提交確認符合TCCC行為準則的報告. 產品制造商應準許TCCC指派的社會責任方面的機構參與對產品制造商的審核以確認符合性.這種審核性的來訪包括對工廠無預先通知的現場檢查, 與雇員相關的所有資料的審查及與雇員私密性的面談. 任何產品制造商如不愿意符合TCCC行為準則或拒絕接受檢查將導致與TCCC業務的立即終止. 每個產品制造商都必須在以初次審核日期為準的一年之內提交通過社會責任審核的報告以獲得繼續使用TCCC商標. TCCC公司有權與審核機構進行核實報告的真實性.
           When purchasing through Li & Fung (Trading) Limited (“Li & Fung”), TCCC’s promotional merchandise, sourcing and service provider, social compliance inspections of Merchandise Manufacturers are conducted by Li & Fung’s internal social compliance inspection team.  Pursuant to our agreement with Li & Fung, this team has been approved by WWL to monitor social compliance and engage in factory audits to confirm compliance by each Merchandise Manufacturer that utilizes our trademarks.  Li & Fung’s social compliance team provides TCCC with annual ‘passing’ inspection reports for each Merchandise Manufacturer.  In addition, WWL closely monitors Li & Fung’s internal social compliance inspection team’s performance.
               當采購是通過利豐公司時, TCCC的促銷商品,采購和服務提供商及產品制造商的社會責任方面的檢查都由利豐公司內部的社會責任檢查隊伍來執行.依照我們與利豐公司的協議, 這支隊伍已被TCCC全球認證部認可對使用TCCC商標的產品制造商的社會責任方面進行監察和檢查. 由利豐公司內部的社會責任檢查隊伍提供 “通過”性 的產品制造商的社會責任審核報告. 另外, TCCC全球認證部則緊密地監督利豐公司內部的社會責任檢查隊伍的行為操守.
    We expect our Merchandise Manufacturers to communicate these Code principles for Merchandise Manufacturers to their employees.  These principles should be provided in the local language and posted in an accessible place.  We also expect our Merchandise Manufacturers to develop and implement appropriate business mechanisms to monitor compliance with these principles.
                我們期望產品制造商把產品制造商行為準則向其雇員宣傳. 產品制造商行為準則應以當地語言進行宣傳并張貼在顯眼易看到的地方. 我們也期望產品制造商致力于發展并執行恰當的商業運營機制以監督行為的符合性.



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